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                                                       ET-404                                     RUSH  Instruments 
                                 4 Station Data Collection System

The RUSH ET-404 is an efficient 4-station pre-test data collection system. The technician moves around the outside of the arc while the patient sits comfortably in the center of the arc.  The patient turns slightly to reach each instrument in sequence.  The ET-404 allows your office to do up to four tests in one location.  Examination efficiency is the primary outcome.

Moving patients around the office can waste valuable time. The RUSH ET-404 allows for minimal patient movement. The ET-404 allows your office the ability to do up to four tests in one location. Low enough for children, high enough for the basketball player. ADA tax credit may be available as well.

Dr. GT:  "The ET-404 continues to bring the clean high tech look to our modern practice."

-  4 instrument system
-  Wheelchair accessible
-  Height Range: Low 22 inches, High 35 inches
-  Compact to minimize space constraints
-  300 lb. capacity
-  3 year limited warranty

Four station instrument stand.

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Price:  $3,995.00  

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