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                                           "Mobile Advance Sight Hardware - 5th Edition"

The RUSH   MASH-5 examination system is perfect for doing examinations in remote locations with or without electricity. Excellent for military TDY locations and third world mission work.

With wheels and a tow handle, the Mash-5 
transports like typical luggage.

If it is a temporary military location (TDY), "eye mission", nursing home, screening project where portability is needed, the MASH-5 is perfect for remote location exams. A standard phoropter attaches to the arm which makes the MASH-5
equally as useful as a fully equipped exam room.

Maximum examination efficiency is achieved with minimum effort due to the fast acting electric actuator. Regardless of patients' height or size, it is quickly adjustable to the eye height of a patient sitting in a standard chair, or wheel chair.

When electricity is available, press the foot pedal and the actuator quietly glides up or down to put the phoropter at the exact height.

When no electricity is available the vertical adjustment is done with a single twist of a wing lever and the vertical post manually slides up or down.

Standard Features

-  Pelican case with gasket seal
-  Heavy duty components
-  Wheels
-  Extension handle
-  40 lb.
-  Phoropter range - 38 to 54 in. 
-  Carry on compatible
-  True wheel chair access
-  3 year warranty

The electronic actuator provides a phoropter range of 17 inches, from 38 inches to 54 inches for floor-to-eye level distances.

The MASH-5's tough Pelican Case construction is designed for easy storage. All of the components plus a phoropter as well as hand held devices can be contained within the dimensions of the case.  

Extra room is available inside of the case for a phoropter plus hand instruments such as occluders, scopes,  prism and lens bars.

Its 24" X 19" X 11" dimensions make the MASH-5 unit convenient luggage on any airline.


Mobile Advance Sight Hardware, 5th edition.

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Price:  $3,995.00  

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