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EyeMotion Videos
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EyeMotion videos are available as an in-office DVD and on your website.      

              1.  In-Office DVD Videos

These continuous loop videos play in your office waiting room,  examination room,  frame room or inner waiting room. 

While patients are waiting for their appointment, selecting a frame or waiting for their eyes to dilate, there are numerous opportunities to educate them on eye diseases, eye conditions, frame features, lens features, contact lenses, lasik and many other topics of interest. 

The videos run continuously for 30 minutes.  

They run in a continuous loop on any DVD player. They can also run on your examination room computer if it has a DVD-CD player in it. 
This is a great value at 
1 - 4  DVDs  =  $399 each
                      5 or more    =  $299 each
                          To Purchase In-Office DVDs 
                            call us at

              2.  Office Website Videos

The same videos that are available in your office can be individually selected on your office website.  

This provides great education for patients as well as the continuity of what they observed, while in your office, with what they are able to learn on your website.

This tremendous value is only:
$ 42.95  per month
           (Video installation on your website is $150)

           To add EyeMotion videos to your website 
                      call us at

         Click here for an intro to EyeMotion Videos
                     Intro to EyeMotion Videos

Click on one of these example websites to see how these videos would play on your office website 

          go to:

 (Click on the  button on the home pages)

This is how these videos would appear on your office website.  The In-Office DVD is a collection of all of these videos and plays for 30 minutes.  It in Looped so it plays continuously on any standard DVD player.

Williams Marketing Group
A subdivision of Williams Marketing (EyeMotion) is the developer of this great product.  Williams Marketing Group has been the national leader in helping doctors do a better job of marketing their practices for over 20 years.  Their understanding of marketing techniques goes without question.  This new EyeMotion patient education DVD is the product of Dr. Brad Williams, many years in the eye care field.  Practice consulting allowed him to see how doctors and their staff do not always make it as clear to their patients, what their practices have to offer.  Through the use of advanced graphics, this DVD helps the patient visually understand many things better than the doctor can verbally explain them.  

EyeMotion Video

>More info
Price:  $399.00  each

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