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RUSH  products are the result of 40 years of work and participation in the eyecare field.  We understand the needs of doctors as well as patients.  While our understanding of the human eye and visual system is greater, it is all useless if patients are unable to understand the benefits that have been achieved. 

This is where RUSH products emerge in the new frontier of the eyecare field.  Our products represent the newest in technology.  As such, computers are at the heart of our equipment. 

Your patients can benefit from more efficient examinations.  They can benefit from a greater understanding of their vision.  And, you can provide better services more efficiently.  RUSH products are all about you and your patients.  Check out our PRODUCTS to learn about  RUSH Examination & Treatment instruments as well as your new  EyeHub office website.

Our newest product is an in-office, waiting room DVD video for patient education.  Information about eye conditions, diseases and optical products are discussed and illustrated.  It is designed to help patients better understand eye problems as well as help them realize the benefits of lens options and othe optical products.  A subdivision of Williams Marketing (EyeMotion) is the developer of this great product.  Williams Marketing Group has been the national leader is helping doctors do a better job of marketing their practices for over 20 years.  Their understanding of marketing techniques is without question.  The new EyeMotion patient education DVD is the product of Dr. Brad Williams, many years in this field.

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