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"I am writing in regard to the SimulEyes program I have had the privilege of using for the last few months. I find the acuity charts easy to use and the versatility of chart styles has been very useful, including the childrens' chart, the cylinder chart, and the contrast sensitivity chart. I have especially enjoyed the use of the eyeccyclopedia. The demonstration graphics have been great for glaucoma and other patients. I look forward to being able to use my patients' retinal photos in conjunction with these graphics." 
                                                                                Dr. Garry D. Kappel

"I purchased an ET-203 Rotary Instrument Stand in 1999. The stand still works great to this day. Followup and customer service have been top notch. I really appreciate the service."
                                                                               Dr. David Baba

"The Rush ET-549 has been a great addition to your practice. It has made my exam room more functional, while providing the "wow-factor" that generates word-of-mouth referrals."
                                                                               Dr. Lance Anderson

"Because of limited space the Rush Rotary Table was a perfect fit for my small pre-testing area. The service provided by Rush Ophthalmics has also been excellent."
                                                                              Dr. Brian Kubo

"I have been   a customer of Rush Ophthalmics for over 10 years and have used their traditional rotary tables that whole time. That product was far better than anything on the market at that time. When we did a full remodel/build-out of our office building in 2002-03 we wanted to create a "state of the art" atmosphere and we looked to Rush Ophthalmics once again. The new Rush ET-549 instrument stand was exactly what we needed. With its computerized workstation, projection system, and software, it has made the primary exam much simpler, quicker, and more efficient enabling us to see more patients in the same amount of time without sacrificing quality of care. Many of our patients are engineers and computer specialists. The exam station's capability is perfect for those patients and it is common for them to comment on our "leading edge" technology and equipment."
                                                                              Dr. Eric Knutson

"I bought one of the first model 507 Rotary PreTest Tables that Rush Technologies produced, and it has had a full workout every week for seven years. Not one problem! Great workmanship and utility. I couldn't be more pleased."

                                                                              Dr. Patrick Aarstol

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