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Company News
RUSH Instruments is actively working to expand its affiliations with other
eyecare product companies as well as professional associations and boards
within the eye care field. It is our feeling that no one stands alone in this
highly technical field. As such we are looking for ways we can help improve
everyones position.

Wave Technology
Wave technology is the latest development in refractive surgery.  Wave technology instruments produce data that when plugged into the Eximer Laser can increase visual acuity outcomes beyond 20/20 vision.  The idea is to produce autorefractive data in the form of 5000 tiny columns coming from the back of the eye. This is different than corneal topography where only the shape of the cornea is contoured. This is also different from single column autorefractive information where the refractive status of the eye is displayed in the form of a lens prescription. In many cases wave technology will be able to explain why an individuals visual acuity can not reach 20/20 vision or exceeds 20/20 vision.  Wave technology is NOT intended to lead to more precision spectacle lenses. At this point in time, a spectacle lens can not be ground to meet this variable contour data. However, the EXIMER laser is capable of reshaping the cornea to correspond to the variable data produced by wave
technology instruments. 
RUSH Ophthalmics is producing instrument stands (shown above) for this technology and is actively pursuing the ability to contribute products and services to support this newly developing technology.

The New  . . ET-203N
Due to the strong response to the all metal 3-station stand, the ET-103N, we
are now producing the next version of the ET-203.  This is an all metal 4-station
instrument stand. It has been developed with the same goals for high durability.
The all metal features and heavy duty powder coating surpass most
requirements for heavy duty use. The ET-103N and now the ET-203N will be
the military instrument stand of choice. The ET-203 is recommended in any
practice which has a high volume of patients.

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